Why does a married man not let his mistress go and what to do about it?

Unfortunately, the story of a love triangle, in which all three sides suffer, is far from uncommon. The lawful wife is hysterical because her family life collapses in an instant, the husband rushes between two fires, the mistress is waiting for the faithful to go to her.

And, it would seem, why is it impossible for the man to walk up and return to the bosom of the family. Life would go on as before. But he is drawn to the homeless woman with an irresistible force, and he is not going to let her go.

If the reason is sexual cravings and jealousy

One of the reasons may be passionate sex, which in a married bed has become boring and monotonous.

It is a lover with a rich sexual experience that attracts a man. Having tried all possible positions in bed with a sophisticated mistress, the spouse becomes like a zombie, he is practically in her power.

And the house is a full cup, and the children delight, and the wife is a wonderful hostess, but the desire for passionate and unrestrained sex does not make it possible to be a good family man. Moreover, a married man turns into a real Othello:

  • he becomes enraged with just one thought that someone other than him can take possession of the body of his passion: the young lady is free, and has every right to sleep with whoever she wants;
  • he tries to control all the movements of the sweetheart, because he understands how attractive she looks to the men around him;
  • he strangles his mistress with jealousy and scares away possible candidates for her hand and heart, thus heating up the atmosphere in relations with her.

If he had the opportunity, he would have imprisoned his passion in a tower, and he himself would have lived well with his family. But there is no such possibility, so only total control can save him.

How can such a person just leave the object of desire alone? Undoubtedly, if she suddenly pacifies her temperament, stops taking care of herself so carefully and starts complaining of a headache. In this case, he will cease to be drawn to her, since he faces such problems at home.

If he is driven by selfishness

For the most part, men are polygamous creatures. Today men are afraid of illegitimate children, but this does not stop them from relationships on the side. But at the same time, representatives of the stronger sex believe that women who are pregnant from him should belong only to him. As a rule, such an owner makes the sweetheart completely dependent on her. For instance:

  • she is his subordinate at work. Afraid of being left without a livelihood and losing her beloved man, such a young lady agrees to all his conditions;
  • the mistress is on his financial support. Is it bad to be a kept woman, not to work and at the same time not deny yourself anything;
  • for a mistress, a man is the only chance to love and be loved.

As soon as some rival claims the property of an egoist, he will immediately begin to control how his passion reacts. If she responds to courtship, then she will immediately lose all the “buns”.

If a mistress is an “alternate airfield”

It often happens that a married gentleman begins an affair on the side at the very moment when his marriage began to burst at the seams. He is not yet sure whether he wants a divorce, since he does not want to rush to part with his lawful wife, but feelings for the new lover are on fire.

Of course, he will have to choose. But it all depends on which of the two women wants to be more with this man:

  • the wife will suddenly change her behavior. A disheveled hysterical woman will turn into a caring princess, forcing her husband to look at her with different eyes;
  • the lover will prove that she is better. At home there are always scandals, dirt, a cold dinner, and with her it is warm, cozy and dizzying sex.

Surprisingly, sometimes it happens that not the prodigal husband, but the rivals themselves, have to choose with whom he stays. He does not see this war for his heart until the very end.

If a lover is a second family

Even today, there are polygamists among the stronger sex. For them, the stamp in the passport does not matter, although in fact the second family exists. As a rule, the mistress knows about the presence of a legitimate family, since it is impossible to hide it. However, this does not prevent her from giving birth to his children and waiting for him to come to visit her.

Of course, he will not leave any of the women, because he is a “decent” man. In this situation, we can say that the man has a conscience. But while loving one woman, he greatly offends another. Modern society will not understand if a man gathers his women under one roof, and the legal spouse is unlikely to be happy with this state of affairs. Therefore, he can live in two families for a very long time. And while everyone is happy with everything, the man will not let his mistress go.

If he feels sorry for his mistress

Why doesn’t a married lover let go of his mistress? Amazingly, even among the cheaters there are men who are not alien to pity. As a rule, they are quiet henpecked, and their mistresses, unlike an authoritarian wife, are very quiet and docile.

Their union is beneficial for both of them – from his beloved he receives a safe haven, and in return gives her love and affection. Feeling for him is a little helpless girl who will disappear without him. Next to her, he feels like a real man. In addition, he feels pity for her and therefore does not want to quit, because she will disappear without his help.

Why does a married man leave his mistress?

A man, being married, can part with a passion only in three cases:

  • The mistress herself will provoke him to leave her.
  • His wife will leave him, filing for divorce.
  • He will find another mistress, better than the previous one.

Therefore, if a spouse wants her faithful to break off any relationship with his mistress, then she should not take his word for it. Because he will either wait a while for the chosen one to calm down, lulling her vigilance, or he will more carefully hide his affair, or he will start a new passion.

The wife needs to be intimidated or even filed for divorce so that he really ends the relationship with the lover (in the event that the husband does not admit to adultery, in which the spouse is 100% sure). Or, during reconciliation with the faithful, set conditions that will make him unattractive in the eyes of another woman, and she will lose the motivation to continue the relationship with him, she will offer to leave and find herself another. And she herself will fight off attempts to reunite with her former lover.

In short, the wife needs:

  • to make sure that all family money is under her complete control, so that not a penny is left to the side;
  • demand from the husband a full account of his daily schedule, so that he does not have a second to meet with his mistress;
  • for the beloved to provide full access to social networks and gadgets, so that there are no “left” connections;
  • to be sexually active in bed so that the second half has no strength left for another woman;
  • force a spouse to change jobs if he is with a colleague’s mistress;
  • ask the beloved to stop communicating with the company where he met his passion;
  • learning to always look stunning so that the beloved is afraid of losing his wife.

Only in such conditions, with their long-term preservation for several weeks, the homeless woman herself will abandon your spouse, as she will lose hope. Understand who your spouse will stay with does not depend on him at all, but on you and his mistress.