Why does a woman argue and constantly scream?

We often do not have enough time to carefully study the problems that have arisen in the relationship, and to understand why a woman argues and creates conflict situations. If you try to give a typical answer, then, as a rule, a woman begins to argue if she is unhappy with what is happening in her life. But this answer is not completely accurate and cannot be applied to all pairs. Therefore, we recommend that you understand the problem in more detail in order to truly understand your lady, and return the relationship to a harmonious track.

Why do some girls argue and scream so much?

There are many circumstances that lead to the fact that a woman begins to argue and scream. But you need to understand that a woman will not just scream and create conflict situations. Therefore, one of the most common reasons why a woman argues is that you simply do not listen to her, do not want to hear her, or do not help solve the difficulties that have arisen.

It is worth noting that men are not always the culprit in these situations. In most cases, women themselves, by their inability to clearly formulate a request and tell about the problem that has arisen, create conflicts and quarrels. Regardless of the cause, unresolved problems annoy a person, and when there are too many of them, they negatively affect his personal life and mental health. Anyone who gets into such a situation will become an angry, nervous and conflicted person. Especially if these problems continue to worsen and recur.

A woman can still often argue because you have offended her in some way, and she now holds anger at you. In most cases, a woman’s argument is a simple way of saying that a girl is unhappy with something. A woman is simply missing something in life, so she argues. Perhaps she lacks your attention, love and sincerity. Thus, she wants to change the situation or eliminate what is upsetting or not satisfying her. Such is the feminine nature that they often may not like something and not satisfy. And women are trying to defend their rights with a dispute.

Another reason a woman argues may be if she has serious mental health problems, because of a traumatic previous relationship with a romantic partner, or because of parenting problems during childhood. In this case, the situation is complicated by the fact that the woman does not admit it. She doesn’t see herself as a problem. She considers herself to be right in everything, and it seems to her that everyone around her is against her.

The reasons why a woman argues.

  • It suppresses upset feelings about many unresolved issues that you don’t want to talk about.
  • She is upset that some part of her life or your relationship is not going the way she wanted or expected.
  • The woman is experiencing emotional problems outside of your relationship, such as sick parents, problems at work, health, etc.
  • She tries to manipulate and control you.
  • The girl grew up in a family where there were many conflicts and quarrels.

Therefore, this behavior is quite normal for her.

But regardless of the reason women argue and scream so much, regular fights and conflicts can ruin your relationship. Worse, the argument turns into criticism, intimidation, disrespect, and other negative behaviors. They all take you away from love. This dynamic leads to serious resentment and contempt that can destroy even the strongest relationships as a result.

What to do if a woman constantly argues and screams

1. Be patient

After you have formed an idea of ​​why a woman argues, you need to understand what can be done to cool her ardor and not cause conflict situations. First, be patient and try to stay calm. Because when a woman is upset for a long time, she can remain in this upset state for a long time until something brings her out of this state, or you do not satisfy her needs.

2. Do not avoid communicating with her

Stop ignoring her. If a woman sees that you are trying to help her, and take concrete steps to do so, then she will become less irritable. Therefore, start communicating more with your lady. Identify her true needs and desires. Get to know your woman, her values ​​and desires more. Talk to her about your future together. Make plans and goals together. Communicate with the girl sincerely, as they say: “from heart to heart.” To understand what she really wants from life and from the relationship with you.

3. Set common goals

Any couple must have a lot in common in order for their relationship to be long and happy. Therefore, be sure to have common goals, plans and general course in the relationship. Work on this together every day. And when the woman sees how hard you are trying for her and for your relationship. Then her anger, resentment and feelings will begin to fade away little by little.

4. Show your love and care

Any woman wants to show love and care. She wants to know that you will do your best to please her and satisfy her desires. Your woman really wants your undivided attention badly. She wants you to hug her more often, say compliments, give flowers and gifts. The girl wants a certain affection for herself.

Try to find out what is bothering or upsetting her. Talk to her. Look into her eyes with all the confidence and love you can show, and say the following: “I will do my best to make you happy. If I can’t do it now, then I will find other ways to do it anyway. Until I see a smile on your face and a good mood. ”

Remember, when a woman gets angry and starts to argue, do not respond to her with aggression. Better yet, take it to the bedroom for hot love. And after the “storm” dies down, the woman you love will shine again. As you begin to show love and attention to her, she will love you even more, and your relationship will become completely different.