Why does friendship end and friends leave?

I have had many unsuccessful friendships. Therefore, I have a lot of experience, and I can talk for a long time why the friendship ends. There are obvious reasons for parting, but sometimes there are small disagreements and as a result, they lead to the breakdown of relations with our friends. A situation may occur in your life, due to which it becomes clear that you have too many differences and you perceive friendship completely differently.

Recently, my daughter broke up with her good friend. I do not fully know how it ended, but for many days I noticed that she was in a bad mood. Girls often quarrel with each other, and they have similar situations repeatedly. I know that they have been together for a long time, and this situation is really difficult for them. The fact is that we put a lot of time and effort into one friendship, and when our partnership ends, we experience really unpleasant emotions.

Who is to blame for the breakup?

You must understand that a friendship ends the moment the person does not live up to our expectations or you have too many disagreements. As a rule, one person cannot be the reason for the breakup, this is also your friend’s fault. We often do not understand why everything goes to a break, because we believe that we are not to blame for anything. Just do not blame yourself for breaking the friendship and constantly torment yourself with the questions “What did I do wrong?” or “Perhaps I should have done differently?” This only aggravates the situation. People change over time, and unfortunately, not always for the better.

I also found that if a friendship has lasted for years, it can withstand many trials, unlike a recent partnership. So the more you get to know a person, the better it is for your fellowship.

Reasons why friendship ends

No matter how many breakups we’ve had, we never stop feeling negative when our relationship ends. And there can be many reasons why we disagree. Let’s take a look at some of the main ones.

  • Various life paths. In this case, people pursue different goals, and have certain life values ​​that are very different. When a person grows up, his views on certain situations may change, and we do not agree with that.
  • One-sided friendships. If you constantly call your friend, make appointments, and most of your conversations focus on his problems, then you are depriving yourself of attention and show only one-sided feelings. Such a relationship is not worth the effort, nothing is good about it.
  • Manifestation of envy. Friends can have strange feelings that affect their relationship a lot. It may be envy because of the purchase of a new car or apartment. You should be happy in this case, but not envy.
  • Insults are another reason why a friendship ends. Gossip and back-talk is very harmful and destructive. You need to beware of this behavior on the part of your friend and not develop further relationships with him. If this comes from you, then start doing self-development. Read books on this topic, and try to get rid of these feelings.
  • Lack of understanding. It often happens that we simply do not hear each other, as if we began to speak in different languages. You start to like one thing, but your friend is completely different. This problem is also often the reason why friendships end.
  • Deception and lies. This is probably the worst thing friends can do. Moreover, if the deception occurs deliberately. There are certain rules that we must adhere to. And when they are broken, parting is almost inevitable.
  • New people. I can recall many situations where new friends became the reason for the breakdown of camaraderie between people. New personalities in our lives can change our behavior and negatively affect us. And this, in turn, leads to quarrels and a break in relations.

Friendships tend to end when people and their views begin to change. Which makes them not as compatible as they used to be.

How to understand why friendship ends?

This is not always obvious, as most of these relationships end gradually. But there are some signs by which this can be determined. You start to have different feelings for the person. Call each other less, chat or meet less often. You just start to feel that there is no relationship between you that you had before.

When quarrels and animosities begin to appear in your life, it is also a sign of a breakup. Plus, you start to communicate less and share various secrets. When we are in close friendships, we must make an effort to be kind to our friend, and he felt really good around us.

Draw conclusions and move on

Few people want to lose a loved one. Therefore, we are trying to figure out why the friendship ends. And the sooner you realize that your relationship is going in the wrong direction, the sooner you can fix it. The end of friendship is a difficult period in a person’s life, but it is then that our true character traits manifest themselves. Make good use of this time to learn from mistakes and avoid repeating them in the future. No matter how it ends, try to find positive moments in this.

In addition, you will be able to look at friendships in a different way and, in the future, you will be more careful about meeting new people. Think about who from your environment you can rely on, and with which person you can build a completely different alliance. You can rethink your environment and “weed out” people with whom the same unpleasant situations may occur. Or start to develop new friendships correctly based on the experience of previous mistakes.

It is good practice to make friends for different aspects of life. You can have friends with whom you will enjoy talking, those with whom you can have fun, go shopping or develop a common cause. In addition, the appearance of a new person can become an impetus for new ideas or directions in your life.

Just don’t get upset about breaking up your friendship. And try not to involve other people in solving your problems. Control your emotions and calmly find a solution to the problem. When something in life doesn’t go as we expect it can shatter our hopes and shatter our self-confidence. Try not to be nervous, but to analyze the situation and find positive aspects in your breakup.