Why does your ex-girlfriend write after breaking up?

You broke up with your girlfriend not so long ago, but after a while she started writing again? This happens quite often in relationships. Perhaps she still has some feelings for you, or she wants to chat and say something. In fact, there can be many reasons why an ex-girlfriend is texting after breaking up. But I chose the main reasons why she can do it.

1. She just misses

Relationships bond people emotionally. Therefore, when a person does not hear a partner for a long time, it is quite natural that he begins to miss him. And if an ex-girlfriend calls after breaking up, you don’t need to immediately perceive her call as a desire to restore a relationship. Perhaps she’s just bored and wants to chat.

2. The girl wants to know how you are doing

If you broke up on a positive note, then it is quite normal for former partners to periodically correspond on social networks or messengers. To tell you how both are doing. It may be really sad for a girl to realize that the breakup has taken a toll on you and wants to know how you are feeling.

3. She wants friendship

If your ex is texting after breaking up, she may want to stay friends. She enjoys interacting with you, having fun, and wants to keep in touch with you. And if she was still the initiator of the separation, then she will want to atone for her guilt. And she will do her best to make you think well of her.

4. She cannot be alone

It may be that the girl cannot find a new partner, and realizes that she made a mistake in parting with you. And now she feels the desire to reconcile again, and resume the relationship. Loneliness is torment for her, and she simply cannot be alone.

5. The girl wants consolation

Perhaps her new boyfriend is far away right now, or he’s too busy to keep in touch. She can stay alone for several weeks or months, at this moment the girl feels lonely. She is bored and wants companionship, how can she find solace? That’s right, thanks to her ex-boyfriend. Therefore, she begins to write to you to reduce the level of loneliness.

6. Some event reminded of you

She heard a song that you loved to listen to together, or something else brought her memories. The girl remembered the old days, began to get bored, and could not do anything about it. Her melancholy became so intense that she decided to write and chat.

7. Wants to know if you need her

The girl wants to find out how you feel about her now. Maybe you are waiting for her message, or a call. She is interested to know how you will behave, perhaps try to get her back. She is trying to figure out how much you need her and what actions you will take after her message.

8. Still loves you

A woman can still be in love, and it doesn’t matter if she is in a new relationship or not. There is a possibility that even now she has a feeling of love for you. You are still her number one, she loves you. Therefore, it is difficult for her to suppress her feelings and desires.

9. Wants to return everything back

Maybe her new relationship wasn’t successful either. She broke up with her boyfriend and is now thinking about you. The girl wants you to be together again. Therefore, he writes to find out if you miss her or not. When she analyzes your messages, she will be able to draw a conclusion for herself whether she should try to return everything back, or move on.

10. The girl wants to know your status

She wants to know your current state in the relationship. You are still alone, or you have found a new partner. If you already have a girlfriend, she will certainly be interested to know. Who is she, what is your relationship, how long have you been dating, and much more. All girls are different, and they can pursue different goals. So you have every right to answer such questions or not.

11. She checks if you recognize her

If an ex-girlfriend calls after breaking up, and is silent on the phone, then in this way she wants to check whether you recognize her or not. And if you haven’t deleted the number, even a few months after breaking up, it could mean that she still means something to you. And based on the conversation on the phone, she will be able to decide whether you have a desire to communicate with her, or whether you have decided to completely break the connection.

12. Just feels the need to contact you

The girl herself may not understand why she writes to you. She just feels an overwhelming urge to write and chat. And it’s not that she misses or still loves you. The woman may have an inexplicable feeling of contact with you.

13. The girl wonders if you think about her.

If your ex-girlfriend is texting after breaking up, she may want to find out if you have thoughts about her, or if you went ahead and found a new partner. If the girl realizes that you are no longer interested in you, then she will also come to the conclusion that she should forget you and live her own life.

14. The girl plays with you

It may be that she likes to see you suffer. She wants to hurt her actions and wants to see how you react to her attempts to reconnect. And if she succeeds, then after that she will leave you again.

How to react if your ex is texting after breaking up

To begin with, you shouldn’t answer right away. In the event that she calls, you can ignore her first call. And when you start communicating, you don’t need to talk too much, or write, if this happens on a social network. Don’t talk about other relationships, and act like the two of you are just acquaintances. If a girl wants to try on, don’t agree right away. Tell me what you need to think about, just do not rush to answer.

And most importantly, if you do not want to talk to her, then just tell her about it, and put an end to this relationship. Be honest and don’t hide anything. Just do it politely and respectfully. Even if the girl is guilty of something, you should not insult her.