Why doesn’t a man call after a fight?

One of the most frequent questions at a psychologist’s appointment is: “Why doesn’t the guy write after a quarrel?” Most girls do not know how to behave in such a situation. Today, young people often stop writing and calling their chosen ones. For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that the young ladies do the same. But now let’s figure out why a man does not call after a quarrel.

Reasons why guys stop calling and texting after an argument

Here are the most popular reasons why a guy doesn’t call after a fight. But there are other reasons that can influence his behavior, depending on the circumstances.

So, the common reasons are:

  • the man believes that there is no need to call you;
  • he has lost interest in you and, in order not to inflate the conflict further, decided to keep silent about it;
  • the chosen one is not ready for a serious relationship now;
  • the faithful found a new passion, but he does not have the courage to admit it;
  • he has no way to write or call;
  • beloved is heavily loaded with work.

If a man after a quarrel does not call for a month

Many women are sure that if a man does not make himself felt for such a long time after a quarrel, then he has lost interest in a woman. This happens quite often, but there are other reasons that prevent him from writing a message or calling. Let’s consider them in more detail:

  • The male gender evaluates the girl not only by her appearance, but also by her inner world. And if after a quarrel he realizes that he has nothing more to talk to you about, then you can not expect him to appear in your life again.
  • There is a category of men for whom winning a woman is a sporting interest. They do not need a serious relationship, they communicate with young ladies in order to please their ego. As soon as he feels that the victim has fallen in love with him, he tries to leave. And the quarrel becomes only an excuse for this.
  • Many girls, even in a long-term relationship, may not suspect that the faithful have a family. He is not going to divorce his wife, but he willingly agrees to add variety to his life. But when the wife begins to suspect something or he is tired of the format of such a relationship, then he looks for a reason to break them off. And the spat here plays into his hands.
  • Of course, many psychologists believe that this is just an excuse. If a man likes a woman, then he will definitely find time to call. However, this is not always the case. And it may so happen that this period just happened at the moment when the quarrel occurred.
  • There are different situations in life. For example, a smartphone broke down, and the numbers were not saved to the SIM card. Therefore, even if he wants to apologize, he will not be able to do it. Although, in this case, you can write on social networks.
  • If, after a disagreement, the partner does not call and does not write, this may indicate that he does not want to continue any communication. Yes, a real man will not behave like that, but there are people who neglect it. They don’t want to be embarrassed, so they just disappear.

Should I expect a call?

There are women who simply dissolve in their partner, forgetting about their interests, friends and everything to have in life. Now on the faithful, who is offended, does not call, the light literally converges like a wedge.

In this situation, it would be wrong to fill your head with questions about why the lover stopped calling and spend days in suffering with the phone in his hands.

In this situation, you need to take care of your life. Think about your hobbies and hobbies, find a new interesting activity. For example, you can enroll in a dance club, do handicrafts, go to fitness. See your girlfriends more often, go to the movie theaters, or just walk in the fresh air.

Make your life varied and interesting, then you will not have time to think about why a man does not write after a quarrel.

Although many psychologists argue that intrusion is a bad idea, if you have been together for several years, you can dial the phone number of your loved one and ask how he is doing. Just don’t need to call 100 times a minute and accuse the beloved of ignoring you if he didn’t answer the call right away. If you mean something to him, and he respects you, then he will definitely call you back as soon as he has time.

Why is communication with the stronger sex difficult?

What if the guy is offended and does not call? Psychologists agree that the behavior of the male is largely influenced by modern technology, which has completely destroyed the past romance. On the part of men, romance, caring, and courage are less and less observed. Today, it is more interesting for guys to spend at home on the couch with a smartphone in their hands than to take a walk in the park, meet friends or their girlfriend. Sometimes guys suffer from gambling addiction, in which it flies out of their heads that they are social creatures and they need live communication with people.

Because of these factors, relationship building today differs significantly from relationships in the last century. For the most part, communication is tied in social networks, forums, dating sites, and not as before – in companies, on the street, at dances. Communication on the Internet is impersonal and does not carry anything positive in comparison with live communication. Men are used to communicating only in social networks. networks since there is no responsibility.

If he doesn’t like something, he can easily stop communicating by simply blacklisting. In general, the guys became very moody. This does not mean that all representatives of the stronger sex have become like that. There are also good men who pay attention to young ladies, take care and look after.

Psychologist’s advice when a man is offended and does not write

Before continuing reading, answer the question: “Is it really necessary for the beloved to write?” It often happens that the termination of communication with the faithful after a quarrel is only for the good of the girl. In this case, we can assume that the person will not bring anything good to your life and fate simply took you away from him. If now, after a trifling quarrel, he behaves like a muslin girl, what will happen next?

When a man doesn’t call or write, don’t jump to conclusions. It is likely that something happened to him, and in reality he does not have the opportunity to get in touch. Therefore, you do not need to scribble messages every half hour and ask why he is ignoring you. Take a better time for yourself, go to a cafe with your girlfriends and restrain from calling and texting him.

Pretend not to be bothered by a man calling you or not. It is sometimes helpful to exercise a little ignorance. Do not show that you want to continue meetings and are waiting for his call. Remain calm and contain your emotions. If less than a week has passed, do not write or call first. If a guy has feelings for you, he will be the first to show up, despite the disagreements that have occurred.

If the gentleman overcame the resentment and decided to restore communication, be serious and cultured. If you start making claims for his silence, this will affect the situation in a negative way. However, if you have something to say, don’t keep it to yourself. Most importantly, avoid re-conflict.

When you see that a man only replies to messages, but at the same time does not write himself, you should not bombard him with text messages. Try to have normal communication. Try not to write first and answer his calls and texts less often. It is important that your chosen one understands that such behavior on his part is unacceptable for you.

Sometimes, after a quarrel, a man does not call the first darling. Many young ladies face this situation. Instead of racking your brains and looking for reasons for this behavior, focus on your life. Why bother if you can take care of yourself and have an interesting time? Surely you need to get a new hairstyle, go to the gym, or meet with your girlfriends. Show respect for yourself and your time.

Take this advice with special attention. When the beloved decided to play, wants – he writes, does not want – is silent, why do you need such inconveniences? The man behaves indecently, has shown himself not from the best side, further it will be even worse. Better to end all communication right away and continue to lead a normal life.

Male view of the situation

It is better to understand the situation when a man is offended and does not call, a man’s look will help. So, men are sure that your beloved may not get in touch for several good reasons:

  1. Many young ladies make a serious mistake, trying to occupy all the free time of the gentleman. Even after a quarrel, they emotionally begin to write and call, while waiting to be answered immediately. And if this does not happen, then the continuation of the conflict or hysteria are guaranteed. There are only a few such scenes, and you risk being blacklisted, and it makes no sense to wait for the initiative from the faithful.
  2. This may seem offensive to a woman, but for serious men who take responsibility, work comes first. And if extracurricular work fell on him, he needs to submit a quarterly report or there are some problems, he will not be able to think about anything else until he has dealt with all the difficulties.
  3. The guy doesn’t call a week after the fight? Most likely they are trying to manipulate you. Usually, pickupers resort to this method in order to quickly fall in love with the victim. However, ordinary men can use this technique to see how you react and get what you want.

If an embarrassment occurs during lovemaking, this can greatly hurt the male ego. Taunting by a partner can deeply offend a man. In this case, he decides to distance himself from the girl so that she does not remind him of his sexual failure.

But whatever the cause of the quarrel, men agree that if a woman really likes, then there is always a way to continue communication, even if the couple broke up. If, after serious disagreements, the chosen one does not write or call, then you are not so dear to him, he just found a great way to end communication.

What to do?

The opinion of psychologists differs. Some believe that if the chosen one does not make himself felt, then in no case should he be reminded of his existence. Others are not so categorical and recommend taking the initiative. So what if you had a fight with a guy and he doesn’t call?

Many ladies have a well-developed imagination, and if after a quarrel, a loved one does not call, then they immediately think that he decided to leave her or something terrible happened to him. Don’t panic. Of course, an accident can happen, but this happens very rarely.

See if he appears on social media. networks, and if he was recently online, then everything is fine with him. It’s just that he is still gnawing at the resentment and he does not want to get in touch. But if since the last meeting, the beloved has not been in instant messengers and social networks, this is a good reason to show concern and try to call first.

If, after a disagreement, the chosen one does not call, then it makes sense to find out about him through mutual acquaintances. Just do not share that you do not sleep at night and are worried – just subtly ask if everything is all right with the faithful. It is advisable to ask those friends who will not tell a friend what you asked about him.