Why doesn’t anyone love me and what to do about it?

Everything in this world is tied to love. Some people look for it themselves and often wonder why no one loves me, while others may not need it.  The ancient Greeks had six meanings of this word. The first is eros (romance), then filia (friendly love), ludus (relationships between teenagers), agape (love for humanity), pragma (passion for a person for life) and philotia (love for oneself). When most people talk about love, it means romantic relationship (eros).

What is love?

The best definition of love is a state in which there are no boundaries between people. When two people become one. They have the same thoughts and desires, everyone is satisfied with the values ​​and qualities of their partner. Love is the link between two people.

Is it possible to love everyone?

It is much easier for some people to fall in love than others. If you are open-minded and friendly, then you are more likely to meet people who will be attracted to you and you will think less about why they don’t like me. Love requires something in common between people, a certain degree of openness and similarity is required.

Why no one loves me

This question largely depends on the personality of each. If your parents from childhood did not show affection and tenderness to you, then it will be difficult for you to attract love into your life. You don’t know how to be loved and when others show sympathy, you don’t notice it. If there were quarrels or divorce between the parents, then you will not have confidence in love.

Why beautiful people get more love

People are naturally drawn to the beauty of the human appearance and to other delights. Those people who have received charm and attractiveness from birth are much more likely to attract love into their lives. This is our reality. Someone may say that this is unfair, but nature makes our life just by its statutes and constitutions.

How people who didn’t have love can find it

In fact, it is a long journey, and it requires a lot of work on your inner self. When a person is honest with himself, he can show himself as a real person. It means being willing to admit your flaws, stop being jealous, and learn to accept people. Not wanting to accept yourself repels people, and then it will be difficult for you to understand the question of why no one loves me.

Remember, the essence of love is oneness, and although it is said that opposites attract, it is not. People simply compensate for each other’s shortcomings.

Love requires openness and self-acceptance. If you hide because you think you are not beautiful, then you drive yourself into a dead end. And if you are not ready for new acquaintances, you will constantly think about why no one loves me.

Characteristics that turn people off

Even if you are open, there are characteristics that get in your way. Anger and anger will never attract good people into your life. Love is a very subtle feeling that is based on kindness and tenderness. The way we treat and communicate with those around us will attract the same people into our lives. A person whose essence is the world will not be associated with a person whose essence is anger.

The inner world of a person tends to attract and repel people. Usually negative characteristics turn people off, while positive ones attract people. Therefore, there are people that we do not like, and there are those with whom we want to be.

Are all types of love equal?

Love connects one person to another. Eros is a relationship between a man and a woman that occupies an important place in our life.

There is a theory that romance is complex because it has three different dimensions, such as personality attraction, character, and value system. In fact, it is not so easy to define them.

Attraction tends to happen instantly and depends a lot on physical attractiveness. After all, we all love beauty and we are attracted by charming people. One personality’s temperament may not be compatible with another. An honest person will not be with someone who is constantly lying. People value different things, some value money, others value their time. Some people value the ability to make their own choices, while others prefer to live in an authoritarian relationship where their choices are made for them. When the value systems do not coincide, then love will definitely not exist.

Oxytocin – the hormone of love

We have a strong biological desire and attraction for the opposite sex. During sex, we often release the hormone oxytocin. It can manifest itself in other situations, such as stroking an animal or while taking a hot bath.

Oxytocin is responsible for the bond a person feels for their partner. Some people secrete less oxytocin, so they don’t feel much bonded with others. Babies also bond with their mothers by taking oxytocin through breast milk.

When we do what we like, this hormone appears more often. This is why it is important to do what brings us joy and happiness.

Do other types of love make up for the lack of romance?

In fact, yes. It has also been shown that single women live longer than single men. The reason is that women are more open, they more easily perceive love and feelings. Since men are more competitive in life, they have barriers that interfere in life.

Also, research shows that single people with pets are happier. I think you’ve seen them often kiss and hug their pet. But we are still social and must be connected to others in order to live a fulfilling life. Since in our time relationships for many people cannot last long, it is important to realize that any kind of love that is in your life is already good.

I also want to note that our society is becoming more and more like a fighting arena, where every year politics and war take an increasing place in our lives. In this case, for many it can be a problem to understand why no one loves me and how to find a person who will be open and friendly. Agape love allows us to love people and find people like us.

To summarize, love unites us. And it is thanks to her that we exist in this beautiful world. Become more open, honest and benevolent, and then you will not wonder why no one loves me.