Why don’t I have friends?

To understand why I have no friends, it is important to understand the meaning of friendship. After all, friendship can mean different things for every person. We cannot call many people friends, but it is important for us to understand who is a true friend and who is not. So read on to take a deeper look at the reasons why you feel like you don’t have anyone to count on.

1. You have the wrong environment

You may still be trying to make friends, but you’re doing it in the wrong places, and trying to develop relationships with the wrong people. Maybe your interests are too different, and you have little in common for building friendships. At first, you think that this person is suitable for friendship, and you try to build a relationship with him. But after a while it turns out that he has completely different plans. As a result, you get frustrated and no longer try to make new friends. You put too much emotion into the relationship, but you don’t get reciprocity. At this point, you need to understand that not all people are created for friendship, and you just need to change the environment.

2. Because of your negative thoughts

This can happen on a subconscious level, but if you constantly show negativity, walk angry and communicate with few people, then it will be difficult for you to find friends. This behavior and attitude towards life is detrimental to our mental health. And of course it negatively affects our social life. You may be tired of people and need a break. Many people find themselves in this situation, and it is quite normal to be lonely for a while. In any case, you do not need to alienate new people, and try to always set yourself up in a positive way.

3. You cannot connect with new people.

Many people lack the skills needed to establish and maintain friendships. This is a serious problem in our time. Because of the excessive use of gadgets and the Internet, we have forgotten how to meet and communicate with new people. And if you don’t have normal communication skills, then where can friends come from? Remember, a friend is a person with whom you can freely communicate on any topic, and you understand each other perfectly. So become a more sociable person, and the problem with new acquaintances and friends will not be so serious.

4. You are too shy

At a young age, I was in the same situation as you. I just didn’t understand why I had no friends. But now I know that it was due to my shyness. My insecurity and shyness made the people around me feel uncomfortable. So if you are too withdrawn and shy, start changing that immediately. Become a more sociable person, go out to public more often and communicate with different people.

5. You have a difficult personality

When you ask yourself why I don’t have friends, think about how you feel about other people? You may be too assertive or talk too much. Sometimes, a person’s behavior is a key factor because of which he does not have friends. It can also be influenced by your communication style and the way you behave in society. You may be too rude to other people, or use foul language. Be sure to pay attention to all of these factors.

6. You don’t understand what real friendship is.

We often confuse friends and acquaintances. An acquaintance is someone with whom you only recently met and still know each other little. Since, many people consider their acquaintances to be real friends. But you should understand that finding a true friend is not easy. And it takes a lot of time to understand who a person really is.

7. You are not managing your circle of acquaintances correctly.

When they come to me for a consultation and ask why I have no friends? First of all, my answer is that you need to learn how to manage your circle of acquaintances. After all, all people are different, perhaps someone likes to be alone, and in general he is not interested in friendship. And you are trying to establish friendly relations with these people. Therefore, when choosing a person for friendship, try to determine whether he is really interested in it. After all, as we said earlier, finding a true friend is not so easy. Mutual sympathy should be present between you, and only in this case can you establish relations with a person and build a long friendship.

And even if you broke up with one or two friends, you should not get upset and withdrawn into yourself. Give yourself some time to relax and start meeting new people. Friends can come and go, this also needs to be treated normally. Most importantly, don’t wait for all your friends to leave, and be sure to keep in touch with them. Learn to manage your friendships. Write down the birthdays of your friends, do not forget to congratulate them on various holidays and significant events.

8. You don’t know how to relax and have fun

We all need friends so that we can have fun and take a break from the routine of life. But if you regularly refuse to meet with them, then friends will forget about you. Let’s say they invite you to a local bar or cafe, but you are too busy with other things, or you just do not want to go out. This way they will understand that you are not interested in their company and will not invite you next time.

Let your meetings be spontaneous, but this will make them even more interesting. I know that after a hard day at work, we don’t always want to go out and meet with someone. But we are all social beings, and without communication and communication, we simply cannot exist. So meet up with your friends more often, and plan your weekend ahead of time to spend with them. Don’t give them any reason to doubt your friendship and your desire to spend time together. And never tell yourself that you cannot find friends, they are everywhere, waiting for people like you. You just need to step out of your comfort zone, change your environment and lifestyle.