Why get married?

There are various advantages and disadvantages to marriage. After all, this union has been part of human culture for many years. Almost all cultures and religions on the planet hold various ceremonies for this partnership. In some cultures, men are even allowed to have multiple wives. However, most countries have one man and one woman in a marriage.

1. Communication and openness

Most of us crave sincere communication, and want to have a person next to whom we can share everything that “lies in the soul.” Our life becomes much better and more interesting when there are people nearby who take care of us. People who share our interests and concerns. And marriage, in this case, is an acceptable way for two people to show their commitment to each other.

2. Patience and stability

It is statistically proven that couples who legitimize their relationship stay together for a long time and create a more successful union. The benefits of marriage are that it benefits society as a whole, because most of the time it is created by determined people. And they, in turn, raise happier children, and build a more stable society with fewer crimes and fewer social problems.

3. Finance

Financially, the benefits of marriage are that it is easier for couples to get a loan or mortgage. Marriage also has its financial benefits if both partners have a good job and manage their income properly. When a husband and wife spend less than they earn, when they save part of their income, then as a result they will have certain savings that they can use at their discretion.

4. Successful partnership and responsibility

Family life is about sharing burdens and responsibilities, and sharing them correctly results in less stress, both financial and emotional. For example, raising a child for two parents is relatively easier than for one. A successful marriage provides a child with two parents who can help him develop into a balanced and happy person. Children have two different role models and receive twice as much emotional support. Marriage makes you a more mature person. Ultimately, it develops your responsibility, which in turn helps you achieve greater success in your professional life.

5. Intimate life improves

With marriage, a person gets a more successful and regular intimate life. Research shows that having a regular sex life brings many health benefits. Not only do those who have sex at least twice a week report feeling younger, they also have better heart, lung, and muscle health. As a result, a person becomes happier and healthier, both emotionally and physically. Also, in long-term relationships, partners are better at fulfilling each other’s wishes. And monogamy reduces health risks like sexually transmitted diseases.

6. Legal protection

The advantage of a legal marriage is that it offers financial protection in the event of divorce. After a divorce, the court may require the person to pay child support. But without a marriage certificate, the breakup will not be accompanied by any financial support.

7. You become a happier person.

There is ample evidence that married people experience less emotional, physical and psychological stress than single people. According to some studies, 40% of people who have created a happy married life say they are truly happy. Married people are much less likely than single people to say they are unhappy. However, we don’t know for sure if family life is the cause of happiness. Perhaps the people who entered this union were more inclined to express happiness. Research also shows that married people live longer than single people. This is especially true for men.

8. Better mental health

Married men and married women also report feeling less depressed than single, divorced, or widowed women. Those who are married feel less depressed, anxious, and psychologically depressed. Divorce has negative mental health effects for both men and women, who report increased levels of anger, hostility, and decreased self-esteem.

Research shows that when parents successfully build and stay married, their children live longer as a result. And they grow up healthier and more successful.