Why has a man stopped respecting a woman?

Many girls find themselves in a situation where they do everything possible for their beloved man to make him feel comfortable, but do not receive reciprocity. They cook, clean, show love and care, but do not receive mutual attention and respect. Why is this happening? Why doesn’t a man respect a woman and show gratitude? Let’s try to figure out and understand why this is happening, and what a girl should do if the guy doesn’t appreciate her.

Respect is the foundation of any relationship. Without this, it is impossible to build a successful relationship. Whether it is friendly, work or romantic. Both partners need to love, appreciate and care for each other. If you want to build a long and happy life together.

The main reasons why a man does not respect a woman

1. You allow it to be done

Many ladies behave in such a way that their partner does not appreciate or respect them. They initially set themselves incorrectly and did not set a certain framework. They did not show their character, and as a result, the man realizes that a lot can be allowed with this girl. Or you do not pay attention to his behavior for a long time and do not say anything. All this leads to the fact that the man does not respect the woman. Plus, this behavior will continue until you set a certain framework and talk about everything openly.

Many girls do not understand what needs to be done in this situation, because this happens for the first time in their lives. In this case, it is important not to delay and not bring the situation to a critical point when nothing can be done. Therefore, as soon as you notice the first signs of disrespect, you should definitely tell your partner about it. There is no need to be silent. Say you don’t like this behavior. But you need to do it right. You need to explain to the man how you want him to treat you. Have an open conversation with him. Show courage and say that you don’t like his attitude.

When he knows for sure how to behave with you, and what you disagree with, then the man will clearly understand that if he wants to be with you, then he needs to change his behavior. Only your requirements should be reasonable and not overly exaggerated. In addition, you must behave exactly as you ask your partner.

2. The man understands that you are holding on to him

Another common reason why a man does not respect a woman is because of your own fear. Men are far from stupid, and they feel good when girls hold on to them, and are afraid of losing. And, if you behave like that, then as a result you pay a very high price. And the stronger your fear of losing him, the more he will not respect you. Therefore, there is no need to make an idol out of a man and “pray for him.” You must be a self-sufficient person so that such situations do not arise in your life. You shouldn’t be afraid to end the relationship and “get out of the game.” Then he will clearly understand that there is a chapel in everything, and he needs to treat you more respectfully if he does not want to lose you. Girls need to understand that they can, and even need to set rules in relationships. Or, at least, put forward your proposals and coordinate them with your partner.

3. He had a difficult relationship in the past.

It often happens that former women inflict a serious psychological blow on a man. Perhaps she was cheating on him, or she acted very badly. As a result, everything leads to the fact that he begins to treat the weaker sex badly. And I know a lot of situations where girls really crushed a man’s spirit so that he no longer wanted to have anything to do with them. And those who were recovering, after a while all the same broke down, and showed all their anger from the past in real life. What can you do in this case? Give him some more time to “heal his wounds.” And look at his behavior after a while. Also, show that you are completely different from his ex. Show love and care for him. And it is quite possible that he will change his attitude and behavior.

4. He tries to boost his ego.

Men and guys who are insecure about their masculinity often show disrespect for the opposite sex. They get the impression that in this way they can establish themselves – pushing away weak people. They see disrespect for the opposite sex as an easy way to show strength and boost their egos. The only real solution in this situation is not to tolerate such antics. You need to say openly that you will not tolerate this behavior. You want and deserve a different attitude. Otherwise, you will have to leave, because it is impossible to be with such a person.

5. There is no trust between you

Quite often, a man does not respect a woman if she does not trust him. When a woman constantly monitors her husband, controls every step, checks things, and constantly wants to be around, then naturally there can be no talk of any kind of trust. Accordingly, respect will not be shown. How to develop and regain trust is discussed in separate articles. But here it is important to understand that trust is one of the key factors in a successful relationship. And without him there can be no respect and recognition.

What to do if you are not appreciated or respected

First of all, you need to determine if there was really true love and strong feelings between you? And did this man appreciate you before? Or was it just a fleeting romance, and you had no plans for a joint future? In the event that a man really loved and respected you earlier, then such a relationship should be worked on and try to return everything back. You can even improve them so that your partner changes for the better.

But, if initially there was no respect and strong feelings between you, then it will be difficult to earn it. Plus, I don’t recommend doing this. Because love and true feelings in a romantic relationship do not need to be earned. They should manifest naturally. Stop wasting precious time with this person and find the best for yourself. This will save your nerves and quickly return to normal life.