Why is a woman ignoring, and what should be done?

Many men are familiar with the feeling when a woman at first is completely with you, but literally after a short period of time she does not hear you, does not answer or does not want to see. But why is the woman ignoring? What doesn’t suit her in a relationship, and why does she behave this way? Here are some of the most common reasons why girls ignore.

At the same time, of course, you need to understand that every girl is unique. So do not take these reasons as the main ones. There are other factors that can be the reason for this type of lady’s behavior. So just try to stay calm as you assess your situation.

Several reasons why a woman ignores or is cold

1. She cannot understand feelings.

These and many other questions arise when a woman starts a new relationship: “What if he doesn’t like me? What if he’s just playing with me? Or, on the contrary, he loves a lot, but I don’t understand? I’d rather start showing signs of love only when I feel safe and see his love. But if I feel the slightest hint that the man is not responding to my flirting, I will back down and pretend that he is not interesting to me. ”

Girls are more sensitive than guys. And they quite often take things too personally. Therefore, if you have had a bad day, have problems at work or in life, then take a couple of minutes to inform your lady about it. Then she will not think that you are angry or depressed because of her actions. On the contrary, she will be happy to support you and provide you with emotional support.

Don’t be afraid to express your feelings for a woman.

2. The girl does not see strong sympathy

Not expressing feelings is one of the most common reasons why a woman ignores a man. After all, if you do not show strong sympathy for a girl and do not express feelings, then she will begin to be interested in other men. And even if he sometimes flirts with you, it doesn’t mean anything. She can act with other guys as well. Therefore, if a woman is seriously attracted to you, then show positive signals that you are interested in her. On the other hand, if you are not interested, then she will start to ignore you and spend more time with other men.

Also, if a woman doesn’t know if you like her or not, then she might make friends with one of your friends to find out what you really think of her. She tests you to see how you react to her behavior. So be careful!

3. She is not comfortable expressing feelings.

Sometimes a girl is simply not comfortable flirting or expressing interest in a man. At such moments, she seems cold and indifferent, and can ignore a man. Here are some examples:

  • You work together and she doesn’t want everyone to know about your romance;
  • She had a difficult time enduring past unsuccessful relationships, so she is afraid to express feelings;
  • She is afraid of judgments and people talking about your relationship;
  • The girl still has feelings for her past partner;
  • She’s just afraid to build a serious relationship;
  • The girl is too shy.
  • why is a woman ignoring
  • Give her some time.

4. She wants to understand herself

If someone hurt or offended a woman, then she will be angry and may suppress her feelings. At this time, you need to understand the woman and try to listen to her. Don’t offer advice, just listen. If you felt the same way, you probably went away and spent time alone, but a woman should talk about it. She doesn’t attack you personally, she just needs to fix the problem. Once she has it cleared up in her head, she will understand and admit that she was overly emotional and will be ready to show you gratitude for letting her pour you out.

5. The girl feels insecure

Perhaps something happened in her life that made her feel insecure about herself or your relationship. She worries that things are not going the way she wants. Therefore, it becomes sad and may ignore you. In this situation, you need to show your love. Support her, and by your actions show that everything will be fine.

6. The woman just plays

She just likes your attention, but she is not interested and does not want a serious relationship. This is why the woman ignores you. It looks a little cruel and not right. Unfortunately, this happens quite often. If the girl does this to you, move on. She’s not worth your time, energy, and attention. Try not to take it personally, because she probably behaves the same way with other men. There are many women who will treat you with respect and appreciate your attention.

7. She is too polite and difficult to refuse.

Women are quite complex people, at times more complex than men. Therefore, another common reason that a woman ignores a man is because she does not want to hurt his feelings. Many ladies are friendly and flirtatious with the opposite sex all the time. Because they are afraid to refuse them. Therefore, if a girl sometimes shows signs of attention, this does not mean that she is interested in you.

Why does the girl stop responding to messages?

  • Phone problem. Perhaps her phone is broken, or cannot receive or send messages;
  • She does not like constant correspondence. Some women do not like to write often and spend time in the virtual world. Although this may seem strange these days. But there are also people who stay away from telephones;
  • She tests you. As I said earlier, ladies test men by pulling back and watching how they react. If you respond by sending a lot of messages, it will be a sign that you are too needy. Instead, give a little time and allow her to start contact again;
  • A difficult period has come in her life. Perhaps she is having problems at work or in school, she has taken on many tasks and does not have time to cope. Therefore, all her time is spent on work;

What to do when a woman is acting cold?

  • Be clear. If you are concerned about the signals a woman is giving, make it clear. Tell me how you feel. Also, be clear about your intentions. There is no guarantee that a woman will understand your hints, so be specific about what you want.
  • Understand the situation. After all, there can be many good reasons why a woman ignores. And many of these reasons have nothing to do with you. So don’t assume that you are the cause of her emotional upheaval.
  • Give it time. Sometimes a girl just needs time to think about her feelings and desires. Therefore, do not press on her and do not bother her. This is especially true if you’ve made it clear that you have feelings for her.
  • Be understanding. There is no need to be nervous and worried in this situation. Inflating the situation will only make it worse.
  • Don’t be needy. If a girl suddenly stops writing or talking, there is no need to write message tones. It will make you seem desperate and needy. Instead, give her some time and see how things unfold.
  • Do not get angry. Anger and anger exacerbate any chances of a successful relationship. Instead, try to stay calm and do more important things.
  • No need to try to contact her through friends, acquaintances, relatives. By doing this, you will again show immaturity and will seem to be in need.