Why is my husband ignoring me?

If you began to wonder why my husband ignores me, then a difficult time has come in your family life. Many people are in too much of a hurry to get married. This is the main reason why so many couples break up in their first year of marriage. They just don’t have the patience to get to know each other better. My husband and I also decided to get married after four months of dating. I was twenty-three at the time, and he was twenty-six. At that moment I thought that I got to know him well, but it turned out to be not so.

He is a wonderful person, but one thing that drove me crazy is that he spent too little time on our communication. I knew that he was a little shy and it was difficult for him to show feelings, but more than a year passed and he was able to open up. During this time, I thought that I would go crazy, because I could not find a reason why my husband ignored me. Fortunately, I am a patient person and that played a role.

Why does a husband ignore his wife? This is a difficult question, and we cannot say for sure until we understand the situation. There are men who think that there are no secrets between you anymore, you know each other well and it is not necessary to communicate too often. If so, there is nothing to worry about. The man clearly hears you, the fact is that for guys, actions are more important than words.

1) you constantly monitor it

Give him some freedom. When he comes home from work, there is no need to burden him with various questions. Just say hello and smile. You can ask how his day went. Show that you are open to conversation and ready to listen at any time.

2) Inappropriate topics for communication

If a man doesn’t answer, it doesn’t mean that he is not listening. It’s just that topics for conversation may not be interesting to him and he will not pay attention to them. Try to discuss issues that are more interesting to him, and when he opened up, then you can start a conversation about what is important to you.

3) He feels good with you

Usually, when a man is feeling good, he doesn’t like to talk a lot. In the event that you have a healthy relationship, he will feel calm. He will not have to find out what you are not happy with or look for the reasons for your dissatisfaction. A relationship with such a man can be ideal, even if you communicate too little. He will just be happy to be next to you, and you will not worry and think why my husband ignores me.

4) he is depressed

You may notice strange behavior on the part of your partner. He no longer does the usual things and what he likes. Problems at work or with children can easily be stressful. If he is nervous or worried about something, you will notice some changes in his behavior. It is just as easy for men to get depressed as it is for women. Try to cheer him up and show that you are there and ready to help.

5) you talk too much

This is one of the main reasons why a husband ignores his wife. He may find it difficult to express his thoughts because you constantly interrupt and talk a lot. Most men will think carefully before saying anything. Allow yourself to be quiet a little and listen more than talk. Over time, you will notice how the partner will open up for you and for an open dialogue.

Communication skills in marriage

Above all, choose a convenient time to discuss serious issues. It really matters, otherwise your dialogue will not be constructive. Eye contact will let your spouse know that you want to talk to him. Communicate calmly and listen carefully to what your partner is responding to. Do not raise your voice, especially when you start to get nervous and inconsistent moments arise between you. Never blame or insult him.

If your husband comes home angry, help him relax and distract himself from the situation that worries him. But if he does not accept your help, but on the contrary drives out all the anger at you or insults you, then it’s time to think about parting. Let him know that if he doesn’t change his attitude towards you, the next step is to file for a divorce. In the event that he really needs you and he is afraid of losing you, then he will begin to correct himself. Here are some ways you can help him in this situation.

  • Suggest a walk in the park or go to your favorite restaurant;
  • Think about the happy moments when you first met and had fun;
  • Talk about his hobbies and interests;
  • Offer to go to nature and just disconnect from his problems for a while.

Ask for help

There is one thing you need to understand, although this is more about a man. He may have mental problems caused by depression. He will be too nervous, constantly angry and screaming. In this case, he will need advice from a specialist. Now you don’t even have to go or go to the doctor. You can use the internet and get help remotely. A person with extensive experience in this field should help you understand the causes that cause depression and offer you ways to get rid of it.

Don’t be afraid to take the first step and help your spouse, instead of sitting and thinking why my husband is ignoring me. If the two of you start working on your relationship, then you can make your marriage more successful, and your life will begin to bloom with new colors.