Why is the husband watching his wife?

Has your husband or boyfriend started following you? You’ve probably started to notice strange behavior on his part lately, and do not know what is the reason? Let’s see what reasons can cause such actions, and why the husband is watching his wife.

The main reasons why men follow women

  • He suspects you of deception;
  • You are hiding something from him;
  • You have deceived him before;
  • Before him, you had many men;
  • He wants to control you;
  • Your boyfriend is too jealous;
  • He is a sociopath;
  • Your partner genuinely cares about you.

Signs that your husband is watching you

  • Your man calls regularly, asks what you do and who you communicate with. That is, he makes it quite obvious, and not just shows interest, but you get the impression that you are as if under interrogation;
  • He knows exactly what you did today, where you were and what you will do tomorrow;
  • He often mentions points that you didn’t tell him about. And when you ask the question, how did he know, he makes you paranoid;
  • You began to notice programs on your computer or phone that you had not previously installed;
  • You constantly feel uncomfortable, as if you are being watched.

Your husband is a sociopath

Your man may be a sociopath or showing similar symptoms. He will want you to give him access to all personal belongings and gadgets. In addition, he will convince you that this is only because he loves and cares about you. And if you try to protect your privacy, you will do everything so that you can not hide anything. He may know what you talked about today with friends and acquaintances. Or it will appear in places where you did not expect to see it. Even worse, it will block your bank cards and accounts.

He tries to hide his guilt

Another common reason why a husband watches his wife may be that he wants to hide his unfaithfulness, or some mistake. He will constantly monitor your schedule and behave in an unusual way. Asking how long you will be shopping or elsewhere. If you have a car, it will know exactly when you are coming home using GPS.

Check your home for cameras

You may find this funny. But technological progress has reached such a level that the smallest camera can record and transmit excellent picture and sound. Do a thorough cleaning of the apartment, and check everything for the presence of such things. Pay attention to lighting fixtures and lamps, shelves, undersides of furniture, dark spots on the walls, audio equipment. In particular, columns, paintings, and everything that is the subject of decor.

Check your car

To check your car for GPS tracking devices, you need a special device. Or try to check all the places where such a device might be hidden. It can be a glove compartment, corners and cracks on the dashboard, speakers, also look under the hood and in the trunk. Plus, there are now many tracking devices that are very easy to install and can be tricky to find.

Protect your phone from hacking

If you start to notice that someone else has started visiting your pages on social networks, then be sure to change your passwords. Since social media is one of the best ways to track you. Check your phone often for various strange messages or apps that might update themselves. Install a reliable antivirus and run a scan regularly. If you notice that your phone has been jailbroken, restore it to factory settings after making a backup copy of all your contacts.

What caused this behavior

As you can see, there are many reasons why a husband follows his wife. It may also be that your partner wants to break up with you and is looking for ways to do it better so as not to be guilty of breaking up. He cannot find justified reasons for divorce, so he behaves this way. Plus, your sex becomes less frequent. He constantly makes excuses for his actions, hides his phone and other gadgets from you. Or spending too much time on social media and texting someone. His phone is always next to him, and if someone calls him, he goes to another room. And if you want to see who called, it can lead to a scandal.

Your husband is starting to be late from work and acting a little nervous. It is also important to remember that all these signs are not accurate indicators that he has another woman. There can be many reasons why your spouse is acting this way. Perhaps he is experiencing health problems, or planning an unexpected greeting for your birthday or other holiday.

Try to strike up a conversation with him and tell him what is bothering you. Emphasize your feelings and past relationships. His reaction to your words can be a clue to what is happening. Ask him to explain this behavior, since it is a violation of your privacy to follow a person too closely without permission.

What problems did you face? Share your experience in the comments. You can do it anonymously. And tell me, what other reasons, in your opinion, could be why a husband watches his wife?