Why shouldn’t you get married?

Recently, family creation has become less popular, especially in developed countries. Partly due to the increased number of divorces, and also due to the fact that many couples just live together and do not legitimize their relationship. Therefore, we decided to make a list of the main advantages and disadvantages of marriage. So that you can decide for yourself whether you should enter into this partnership, or you need to gain more life experience.

1. Infidelity

Fidelity is not a natural state of affairs for people, especially at a young age when sex drive is strongest. Most romantic relationships fade over time, which can lead to infidelity and cheating.

2. Life routine

Many married couples are often stuck in a rut of life’s routine. They are overgrown with many problems that they cannot cope with due to their inexperience. In addition, the partner’s annoying habits only worsen over time. Marriage, with its wrong development, limits the freedom of a person. After all, lonely people can happily live their lives as they please, without caring about the needs or desires of others. But married people must constantly consider the needs of their partner.

3. Family conflicts

Misunderstandings and routine life often become a source of quarrels and conflicts. Getting married can mean an additional expenditure of energy and nerves if partners do not know how to find a compromise in a relationship and devote little time to communication with each other.

4. Compliance

In modern society, in order to create a marriage union, people need to get approval from civil and religious authorities. While this should only be the opinion of the two people who are building this union. Relationships should be highly personal. Religion and government should not be involved in this.

5. Financial costs

People are often mistaken when choosing a partner for family life, and the costs of divorce can be enormous. So be sure to take that into account.

6. Dear ceremony

Marriage ceremonies can be very expensive and extremely stressful. In addition, many arrange such festivities to be remembered for a lifetime. And after a few months they go to file for divorce.

7. Low income

Marriage often negatively affects the lives of young people. Especially those that do not have a stable job. Low income due to lack of career growth, incomplete education – all this negatively affects their family life.

8. The number of tasks is increasing

For women, for example, this translates into constant cooking, cleaning, washing, and so on. And when children appear, their upbringing is often dumped on them. In this case, men are required to maintain cleanliness and order. Which a lot of men don’t like to do. They also need to earn more. As a result, they have less time for their own hobbies and interests. And in some cases, their friends and acquaintances completely lose this married man.